Auto Packing&Sorting Machine

Plane sorting, long side vertical sorting and short side vertical sorting

Short Description:

Item Parameter
Panel type Glass-Backsheet&Glass-Glas type, Shingled type
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time ≤20S

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Item  Parameter
Panel type Glass-Backsheet&Glass-Glas type, Shingled type
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time ≤20S
Sorting method Servo drive, cylinder gripper gripping and suction cup suction assembly
panel grabbing method Cylinder gripper with suction cup
pallets number Customized according to customer needs
switching time ≤1H
Utilization rate 99%
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 22000*W*3500-5000(8bins)
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power ≤5KW/H
Air Pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa

Technical Performance

1.Compatible with flat sorting, long-side vertical sorting and short-side vertical sorting

2.Equipped with a binning trolley

3.Compatible with direct packing or later manual packing to meet the needs of different customers

4.Using self-developed 6-axis transplanting method, the operation is simple and flexible, fully automated, and does not require personnel to operate

5.Big size panel(210mm cell) realize automatic vertical turning of the feed

6.Compatible with framed panels and frameless panels

It consists of a six-axis robot and four pallet sorting machines (up to six are optional). The robotic arm uses a special vacuum system to remove modules from the test area and store them in four or more trays, one tray per module power level. The sorting stage is handled automatically by robots. Storage can be horizontal or vertical, and plastic or cardboard corner covers can be manually positioned by the operator. The Ecoprogetti automatic packaging and sorting system has a capacity of 30 seconds per panel.


Capacity: 120 modules/hour

Cycle time: 30 sec/module

Provided with special vacuum system to pick up the modules from the inline conveyor

Robot sorts the modules automatically

Sorting in 4 or 6 module pallets

Suitable also for Glass Glass modules

Possibility to pack vertically and horizontally

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