HORAD presented at INTERSOLAR Europe

HORAD presented at INTERSOLAR Europe

The grand opening of Intersolar Europe 2018 was held on June 20-22, 2018 German time. As the European branch of Intersolar, one of the largest and most influential professional solar energy exhibitions in the world, this exhibition gathered nearly a thousand world-renowned photovoltaic enterprises.


As a leading professional manufacturer of photovoltaic module automation equipment, HORAD presented its 300MW full-automatic photovoltaic module production line solution at Intersolar Europe, which is the highest level of automation in the photovoltaic industry in the world so far, and many customers are very interested in it. Even on the spot to carry out quotation, project cooperation details communication. HORAD overseas sales team had face-to-face communication with the customers who came to consult at the exhibition site, to further understand the needs of customers, in order to make customized solutions more quickly.


In the future, HORAD will continue to strengthen communication and contact with European customers, in order to have more cooperation opportunities!


Post time: Jun-20-2018