HORAD India REI 2019 was successfully held

HORAD India REI 2019 was successfully held

Renewable Energy India (REI) 2019 is the largest international renewable energy exhibition in India and the entire South Asia region.


As an important platform for the development and learning of renewable energy technology in India, the exhibition not only attracts many investors in the energy industry, but also provides excellent strategic opportunities for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to expand India's new energy market, thus becoming an industry event attracting the attention of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises.

India is located in the latitude with the most abundant solar radiation, and is a country with great potential for solar energy development in the world (annual solar energy output is 1700-1900kwh /kWp). At the same time, with its rapid economic growth in recent years, India, as the world's second most populous country, has grown into the world's third largest photovoltaic installed demand market, and highly dependent on Chinese photovoltaic products market. India's pv installation is expected to maintain high growth as the target of 100GW of installed pv capacity nears by 2022. For Chinese pv companies, the Indian market is still promising, which is the main reason why HORAD pays special attention to the Indian market.

As a leading photovoltaic intelligent & automation overall solution provider, HORAD overseas sales team with the latest r&d design of photovoltaic module assembly equipment special plane and the highest level of automation photovoltaic module turnkey project appeared in this exhibition.

With continuous development in the Indian market and close cooperation with quality customers in India, HORAD has established a solid brand influence in the Indian pv equipment industry. On the scene of the exhibition, many new and old customers visit hongruida booth, for a variety of in-depth communication on different needs, HORAD

We are confident that we can continue to work deeply in the Indian market and contribute to the further development of Pv in India.


Post time: Sep-18-2019