Fight the epidemic, ease of work, HORAD in action!

Fight the epidemic, ease of work, HORAD in action!

A war against the epidemic without smoke is being waged in China. HORAD responded positively, quickly set up a COVID-19 prevention and control team, carried out various actions and measures to ensure the safety of employees working in a scientific, reasonable, safe and orderly way, and fully served the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control of the company. On February 12, the first batch of employees returned to work.


The first line of defense for the resumption of work is disinfection/temperature measurement/situation registration. Every measure of the prevention and control team is carried out carefully and orderly to protect the health of HORAD people.

Disinfection area

Disinfection before taking body temperature three times every morning, middle and evening.


Temperature measurement area

Every morning, middle and evening temperature measurement three times and record, always keep a safe distance of one meter.


The prevention and control of material

The prevention and control team overcame difficulties and timely purchased various epidemic prevention materials such as hand sanitizer, 84 disinfectant solution, 75 degree alcohol, rubber gloves, disposable masks, infrared thermometers, watering cans, etc., to ensure timely use of the company when it resumed work. As it is a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the country is extremely short of epidemic prevention materials. For the time being, the priority can only be given to employees who have returned to work. The epidemic prevention team will continue to find ways to purchase and replenish stocks.

At the same time, we regularly disinfect the upper and lower parts of the company (workshop, public area, stair handrail, hallway handle, workstation, etc.) every day to create a safe and healthy environment for employees.



In order to prevent the hidden danger brought by the concentration of people during meal time, the company's meal process is temporarily changed to a special person to receive box fast food, and the staff have meals at their desks, to avoid the risk of cross infection in the concentration of meal, to ensure that nothing is lost.


I hope that the colleagues who return to work should pay attention to self-protection, wash their hands frequently, drink more water, wear masks, ventilate more, operate in a standard and orderly manner, and ensure both production and epidemic prevention. Those who failed to return to work should also pay attention to protection, wait for notice and return to work in batches. Remember Liao's commencement speech: WISH you all good health, smooth work and happy life in the New Year! We firmly believe that the haze and the epidemic will be dispelled, sunshine and warmth will win, and the company, and the people of the country together to win the battle against the epidemic!


Post time: Feb-12-2020