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Item Parameter
Panel type Glass-Backsheet&Glass-Glas type, Shingled type
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle Time 20s
Panel Positioning Accuracy ±0.5mm
Positioning Mode Cylinder
Labelling Accuracy ±0.5mm
Cell fragmentation Rate ≤0.01%
Efficency ≥99%
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 3930*2030*1800
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power 3KW
Air Pressure 0.8Mpa

Technical Performance

1,Equipped with 2 to 3 labeling heads to complete labeling, anti-counterfeiting code, and barcode labeling respectively.
2,It can realize automatic scan code + MES system information interaction to drive printing labels, and the scan code success rate is 100%.
3,Full stroke labeling, high speed, high precision, labeling yield ≥99%

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