Fully Automatic Framing System

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Item Parameter
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time ≤20S
Accuracy of Panel corner misalignment ≤0.3mm
Dislocation of leaking hole ≤0.3mm
Border corner clearance ≤0.3mm
Switch Time ≤1-2H
Alignment mode Cylinder correction, servo switch version
HMI Chinese and English mode
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 3300*2450mm
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power 3.7kw
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MP

Technical Performance

1. Increase the transfer frame mechanism, higher than the conveying line, the frame can be placed in advance
3. The stress points of the group frame are evenly distributed to ensure uniform glue overflow
4, 20 sets of vacuum cups complete the assembly leveling, and the glass has no marks left
5. The framing machine is designed with profile straightening mechanism and pressure angle function

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