Automatic Bussing Machine

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Cell type 156mm-210mm/5BB-12BB
Panel Size 2500*1400
Busbar specification Bus bar is in roll feeding and automatic cutting, thickness 0.18-0.45mm, width4, 5、6、8mm, roller weight≤13Kg
Cycle time 20s for conventional version, 25s for bypass welding
Fragment rate <0.2‰
Soldering method  electromagnetic
Lead busbar angle and deviation 90° deviation ≤2°
The overlap area of bus bar ≥80%, and the deviation is within ± 1 mm
Overlap deviation of bypass bus belt ±1mm
secondary string layup accurancy ±0.25mm
Maintenance rate ≥98%
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 4930 ×4613×2641mm
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power 22KW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa 2.0m3/min

Technical Performance

1,Adopt the method of separating the cell string from the glass, and grab  the cell string in the air,then to interconnected solder the head, middle and tail bus bar of the middle wire edition module at a certain height
2,bypass bus bar for 1 / 3 5-series modules of 210 cells. shaped bus end punching function.
3,It has the function of rolling bus belt supply, upward bending u, L-shaped lead wire and u, L-shaped bus end punching function
4,It has the function of bus belt drilling, which can be turned off.
5,The assembly line in front of the welding machine must have the function of normalization

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